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An Evening with Kevin Costner & Modern West at the Belly Up

Kevin Costner & Modern West play at the Belly Up Tavern on August 11, 2015

Kevin Costner & Modern West shared their upbeat country sound in an intimate setting at the Belly Up in Solana Beach, CA on Tuesday, August 11, 2015. The band warmed up at 8:00 pm and Kevin Costner walked out to greet his screaming, adoring fans. Some fans traveled as far away as Michigan and followed him down the west coast to listen to this dynamic actor, director and singer/songwriter.

Uncertain of what to expect from this well-known actor as far as singing is concerned, I was pleasantly surprised at how well he actually sounded! His voice was adenoidal and recognizable, his band was well rehearsed. Their stage presence was alive and friendly. Costner's charm captivated the room even as he began one of his songs with his guitar capo placed on the wrong fret. All was instantly forgiven as he laughed and shared stories of his childhood and how his father's approval played into his career choices, including the start of his band. Kevin Costner enthralled the audience with his calm, familiar voice reminiscent of the narration in his hit movie "Dances With Wolves" in between songs, adding personal conversation to everything. His down to earth demeanor was like hanging out with him at home, inviting the casual, relaxing atmosphere making the show especially enjoyable.

The band was great. His ans exploded with each song, singing every word along with him. He talked to the band, he talks to his fans and there is no doubting the joy he has by the smile in his eyes.

I would definitely see this band again. Kevin Costner puts on a very good show.


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