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Perhaps you're thinking that you don't like having your photo taken, or that you just aren't photogenic.

Think again!

It is my job as a photographer to direct you and pose you into flattering ways to bring out the very best in you!

I can promise that these photo sessions are easy, fun, and a painless experience that will make you look at your photos and say, "Wow!".


I cannot think of anything I'd rather do than to create for you the best photos you have ever had!

Photo Studio
Studio Photography Session

Your session and photo collection...

Your session fee of $299 includes professional hair and makeup styling (based on your style) and the session time. You can wear up to five outfits for your session so that you will have photos for a variety of uses, such as headshots for work, social media, photos for your significant other, gifts for family, senior photos, and so much more!

You decide which Collection you want to purchase when you see your photos during the reveal. Photo collections start at $800. Purchase only what you love. All photos purchased include the high resolution digital images.

My studio is in Oceanside, California. We can also choose a location that works for you, including internationally.

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