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Anything But Routine!

The Routine gets ready to play at the Belly Up on June 16, 2016

Bryan Barbarin at the 2016 Fiesta del Sol in Solana Beach, CA

A little local band called The Routine first caught my ear at the 2016 Fiesta del Sol on May 21st in Solana beach, CA while negotiating my way through the crowd to catch another act at the second stage. The first several measures were as to be expected for a music festival - Loud. Upbeat. And just as the music seemed to take off, the volume dropped dramatically and silently into a rhythmic melody that stopped me in my tracks. Okay, boys. You have my attention. I spun around and saw a large presence on stage dressed in a light blue, Harlem Globetrotters jersey. But what came out of his mouth was the purest voice I'd heard all day. A rich vocal tone reminisce of Isaack Hayes or Chubby Checker's voice surfed over the crowd and then the dance began! Bryan Barbarin moved along with the staccato and syncopated sounds the band cleanly orchestrated and continued to enthrall the crowd with a timeless groove as they cast their spell over their audience. This band rocks! Bryan's comical facial expressions, and over all theatrics are always entertaining to watch as he interacts with the band and works the audience.

Bryan Barbarin at Belly Up on June 16, 2016

Thursday night on June 16th at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach wasn't any less compelling. I had to see these guys again! Bryan Barbarin on vocals, Russell Ramon on guitar, Nick Hein on bass guitar, Eduardo Canelon on percussions, and Dave Butterfield on drums ripped up the stage again with their smooth groovin' sound and animated stage presence. Right out the door they started with Exposure then moved right into the set with Goldilocks, Open Heart, Too Rich, Mountain, Log Jam, Black Tropics (my personal favorite), Rinoceros and OJ! Whether you like a worldly funk sound or not, you've got to check out this band! These guys are just all around great! Catch a show! Then check out their CD Black Tropics!

Russell Ramo at Belly Up on June 16, 2016
Nick Hein at the Belly Up on June 16, 2016
Dave Butterfield at the Belly Up Tavern 06/16/2016
Eduardo Canelon at the Belly Up Tavern June 16, 2016
Bryan Barbarin at the Belly Up on June 16, 2016

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